Nero Cucine presents the “NU” Hyper Kitchen in collaboration with Gabellini Sheppard and Viabizzuno during Milan Design Week.

Nero Cucine in collaboration with Gabellini Sheppard Associates present the NU Hyper Kitchen 

A super-charged smart hub that provides the essentials of culinary life. 

A performative stage that enhances the senses and elevates the daily activities of life.


 New York- May 30, 2022- Intent on capturing the scenographic quality of culinary life, Gabellini Sheppard and Nero Cucine have created NU, an unconventional and compact presentation of the elements of the kitchen. NU is a sculptural smart hub that combines Nero Cucine’s award-winning N037 wing top technology with Gabellini Sheppard’s design into an ‘off-the-wall’ performative stage. When the countertop is closed the system acts as a sculptural piece. When raised and recessed – it becomes a highly functional action station. Defined by two monoliths, one vertical and one horizontal. The vertical monolith is constructed of stainless steel panels with a unique gradated stainless steel in an ombre of dark to light The horizontal monolith has a tinted artistic glass enclosure while the action station’s marble top is made of Cipollino Verde marble from Italy. NU incorporates unique materiality with the best of Italian craftsmanship to mold an immersive sensory experience replete with the highest level of innovation. NU introduces rest and motion to illustrate both the enhanced function and beauty of the system’s innovation. The hub’s drawer interiors are lit from within and constructed of a warm walnut. The material palette for the collection is jewel-like in color and transparency, inspired by the glowing quality of gems. The anticipatory quality of the system’s smart technology, integrates Viabizzuno’s illumination concept which enables the space to be mutable throughout the day or night as the need or mood requires. 

Nero Cucine’s Red Dot Award-winning N037 is a dynamic countertop that transforms a sculptural monolith into a fully functional kitchen island. Conceived by Stefano Venier and Bartolomeo Bellati co-founders of Nero Cucine, N037 employs a fully-concealed, innovative Wing Top mechanism that lifts the 3m (10ft) wide marble countertop to a 90-degree angle, uncovering its stainless steel work surface. “Our collaboration with Gabellini Sheppard to create NU was a natural alignment for us” – notes Bartolomeo Bellati, CEO of Nero Cucine – “as we’d worked together on high-end residential projects in the past. We approached Michael and his team specifically because of their know-how as it relates to both residential and hospitality environments. We see this concept as an ideal solution for those who like to entertain and appreciate an elevated experience assisted by technological innovation.” 

NU-N037 will debut at Pianca and Partners’s showroom located at Via Porta Tenaglia 7N3 in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2022. A special event to celebrate the launch of the product line will be hosted on Wednesday, 8th June at 7 pm. 


Product Specs 

• Collection name: NU-N037 

• Materials and Dimensions: 


Metrical: 3204 mm (W) x 860 mm (D) x 920 mm (H) 

Imperial: 126 ¼” (W) x 133 ¾” (D) x 36 ¼” (H) 

3 meters (10 feet) wide countertop in Cipollino green honed marble. 

U shape Artistic Glass with Lamp by Viabizzuno. 

Cabinet doors in gradated stainless steel. 

Structure and interiors: tubular stainless steel with walnut drawers. 

Retractable faucet by CEA Design. 

Undercounter with integrated sink in stainless steel. 

Tall Units 

Metrical: 1540 mm (W) x 1331 mm (D) x 2244 mm (H) 

Imperial: 60 ¾” (W) x 52 ½” (D) x 88 ¼” (H) 

Fronts in gradated stainless steel, custom foglio di luce by Viabizzuno, interiors in stainless steel laminate, soft closing walnut drawers. 

One pull-out pantry 

One pull-out wine storage unit with custom accessories for 16 bottles capacity + wine accessories + wine glasses storage. 

Appliances: 24” full fridge, 24” full freezer, 24” convection oven, 24” dishwasher, a microwave niche 

• Options: NU offers a full range of customizable material and color options to match different tastes. 

• Uses: NU is a residential or commercial kitchen ideal for a space whose aesthetics are contemporary and minimalist, as it combines functionality and understated elegance. It can also be used as a wet or dry bar. 

• Designer or design team: Stefano Venier, Bartolomeo Bellati, Michael Gabellini, Silvia Maffei 

• Product launch date: 2022 

• Price: Available upon request, based on dimensions and selected materials and finishes. 


About Nero Cucine 

Nero Cucine is revolutionizing the world of interiors with the concept of ‘Hyper Kitchens.’ Each piece is a unique blend of performance, design and noble materials, making them extremely exclusive. 

Nero offers a futuristic design and living experience made of beauty, sustainability and functionality. All components are designed and created by a professional production team to provide an effortless yet luxurious cooking and entertaining experience. Each piece is custom-made in Italy with the latest artisanal techniques. Nero Cucine was founded by engineer turned entrepreneur Bartolomeo Bellati and designer Stefano Venier. The company’s global headquarters and flagship showroom are located in the Soho design district of New York City. 


About Gabellini Sheppard 

Working with space and light as sculptural materials, Gabellini Sheppard construct architectural settings that concentrate the experiential and functional to create spaces of elemental simplicity. 

Organized as a multi-disciplinary studio for architectural and interior design, its team of versatile professionals contributes diverse skills, languages, and cultural fluencies to each project they touch. Mediating between needs and desires, the firm designs each environment as a frame through which perception is heightened and the quality of experience enhanced. Embedded within the team’s holistic practices are sustainable design principles, an emphasis on natural materials and a collaborative approach to problem-solving that is responsive to client and context. Embracing a wide range of project scales and typologies, the studio has gained acclaim for its thoughtful research, sensitivity to context, solution-based design thinking, sustainable principles, emphasis on natural materials. Collaboration is a studio hallmark with projects completed for some of the world’s most iconic brands and celebrated architects. The firm has been presented with more than 60 international design awards and Partners Michael Gabellini and Kimberly Sheppard, both Fellows in the AIA, have been honored with the Progressive Architecture Award and Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame Award in recognition of their contributions to excellence and innovation in the fields of architecture and interior design. 


About Viabizzuno 

Viabizzuno is a company that for more than 28 years has been making design its own reason of living; design is a way of being, thinking and acting dedicated 360 degrees to every action and thought in life. to design is the building of ourselves, to design is to go strongly toward the improvement. Viabizzuno works, designs, produces, researches and innovates. for years it has been creating its own design philosophy to assert itself day by day not only like an industrial reality; it aims also to create an ethic design process. the strenght of Viabizzuno relies on working toward a customised design, finding solutions that did not exist before, integrating light with architecture and creating a recognizable image all over the world thanks to its formal and thinking integrity at the same time. Viabizzuno progettiamolaluce. 


To make an appointment to tour the installation contact: 

Daniele Solari 

Director of Sales & Marketing at Nero Cucine and Canova. 


Phone: +1 (718) 200 8650 

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