The “Hyper Kitchens” by Nero Cucine distinguish themselves as unrivalled high-tech culinary experiences hubs. With their signature technologies, engineered to match the expectations of a demanding clientele, Nero kitchens offer the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality. Mechanisms are developed in-house by a team of engineers and artisans and integrate top of the line hardware with unique materiality and the most technologically advanced appliances. Nero Cucine leverages the best of Italian craftsmanship to upgrade the kitchen experience with the highest level of innovation. 

Sliding top

NP4 is characterized by a combination of various elements that make it unique. With its 13 feet (4000 mm) in length, the island is dominated by the largest sliding marble top ever made which, thanks to mechanical control can lock safely in both open and closed positions. 

Wing top

The Wing Top collection features a patented mechanism able to lift a stone countertop 10’ (3 mt) long and ¾” (20 mm) thick, that conceals a customizable stainless steel professional cooking surface underneath. Lifting the wing will help even the most creative chefs protect the natural beauty of the stone without having to compromise the design.

Retractable Backsplash

This mechanism allows a dynamic marble backsplash sitting on a matching stone countertop to be manually lifted upwards, revealing an accessorized back section behind that integrates cutlery holders, containers for spices and sink cleaning tools and has room to accommodate small appliances, offering the ideal sleek solution to maximize the use of deep counters. The dynamic faucet is also concealed behind the backsplash and is easily pulled out to reach the stainless-steel sink.

Tubular Structure

The Hyper Kitchens feature an innovative tubular structure that can be made of either aluminum or stainless steel (for outdoor kitchens): a contemporary design element that makes the composition airier, more adaptable, and easier to clean. Tubular aluminum interiors also make the kitchen more resistant to the usury of time and termites, extending its longevity and sustainability. This type of structure permits to integrate long shelves uninterrupted by dividers.