Products - NU-N037

Intent on capturing the scenographic quality of culinary life, Gabellini Sheppard and Nero Cucine have created NU, an unconventional and compact presentation of the elements of the kitchen. NU is a sculptural smart hub that combines Nero Cucine’s award-winning N037 wing top technology with Gabellini Sheppard’s design into an ‘off-the-wall’ performative stage.


NU is defined by two monoliths, one vertical and one horizontal that are completely detached from the walls. The vertical monolith is constructed of stainless steel panels with a unique gradated stainless steel in an ombre of dark to light. The horizontal monolith has a tinted artistic glass enclosure while the action station’s marble top is made of Cipollino Verde marble from Italy. The monoliths contain all elements of a functional kitchen, including a complete set of appliances, a pull out wine cellar and a large pull out pantry. The impressive volumes can stand in the center of a room, blending with the ambiance in an elegant manner. 


Nero Cucine’s Red Dot Award-winning N037 is a dynamic countertop that transforms a sculptural monolith into a fully functional kitchen island. Conceived by Stefano Venier and Bartolomeo Bellati co-founders  of Nero Cucine, N037 employs a fully-concealed, innovative Wing Top mechanism that lifts the 3m (10ft)  wide marble countertop to a 90-degree angle, uncovering its stainless steel work surface. When the countertop is closed the system acts as a sculptural piece. When raised and recessed - it becomes a highly functional action station.


NU incorporates unique materiality with the best of Italian craftsmanship to mold an immersive sensory experience replete with the highest level of innovation. NU introduces rest and motion to illustrate both the enhanced function and beauty of the system’s innovation. The hub’s drawer interiors are lit from within and constructed of a warm walnut. The material palette for the collection is jewel-like in color and transparency, inspired by the glowing quality of gems. The anticipatory quality of the system’s smart technology, integrates a sound system and Viabizzuno’s illumination concept which enables the space to be mutable throughout the day or night as the need or mood requires.